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Life Hair Vietnam proudly offers raw Vietnamese hair, one of our most popular and high-quality hair products. Our hair extensions are made from 100% virgin hair and are collected from donors in Vietnam. Unlike other hair types, raw Vietnamese hair is untreated and unprocessed, providing a natural look and feel that is unmatched in the industry.

The Benefits of Raw Vietnamese Hair

  • Authenticity: Raw Vietnamese hair is sourced directly from donors in Vietnam, providing a truly authentic product.
  • Natural Texture: Our raw Vietnamese hair is completely unprocessed, which means it retains its natural texture and shine.
  • Longevity: Raw Vietnamese hair is known for its durability and longevity, making it a cost-effective investment for those who want high-quality hair that will last.
  • Customizable: Because our raw Vietnamese hair is untreated, it can be easily customized to your preferred color or texture.

How We Source Our Raw Vietnamese Hair

At Life Hair Vietnam, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality hair from donors in Vietnam. We work directly with local communities to ensure that our hair is ethically and sustainably sourced. Our hair is collected from donors who have never chemically processed their hair, ensuring that we provide only the purest and most authentic hair extensions on the market.

Our Raw Vietnamese Hair Products

We offer a wide range of raw Vietnamese hair products to suit all of your hair extension needs:

Raw Vietnamese Hair Bundles

Our raw Vietnamese hair bundles come in a variety of textures and lengths, allowing you to create a truly customized look. Our bundles are made from the highest quality hair and are completely untreated, providing a natural and authentic look.

Raw Vietnamese Hair Closures

Our raw Vietnamese hair closures are the perfect complement to our bundles. Made from the same high-quality hair, our closures are available in a variety of textures and sizes to help you create a seamless and natural-looking hairline.

Experience the beauty of raw Vietnamese hair for yourself. Shop our collection today and discover the difference that high-quality, untreated hair can make.

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